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About Us

Zhuhai Psychological Society (Zhuhai Psychological Society, abbreviated: ZPS) is Zhuhai psychology workers registration in accordance with the law, voluntary, with the public welfare, academic legal person of social organizations, are an integral part of the Zhuhai municipal association for science and technology, popularize knowledge of psychology and development psychology is Zhuhai an important force in my career.
Zhuhai psychological association was founded in 2002 on March 6, the board of supervisors, the council and the secretariat, the incumbent chairman of PRESTON in the United States university psychologist Dr Ma Lingna, the standing council, the council and the secretariat members by a group of national psychological consultant or children's emotional intelligence people club department instructors or employed as teachers.
Zhuhai psychological society has always abide by the constitution, the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and national policy, abide by social morality, promote scientific dialectical materialism theory, adhere to the scientific attitude of seeking truth from facts, follow the scientific concept of development theory and the request, to carry out the policy of "hundred flowers, schools of thought contend", office will stick to democracy, fully promote academic democracy, unite and organize the masses of workers, psychology to carry out academic activities and to discuss the academic freedom, to promote the prosperity and development of psychological science in our city, promote the popularization of scientific knowledge and the promotion, promote the growth of psychological science talents and improve, Promote the theory of psychology in education career, social life and economic construction, the application of for socialist material civilization, spiritual civilization and political civilization construction service, to accelerate realizing socialist modernization in our country, to contribute to building a harmonious society.
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